Course Description

Passion is rocket fuel for success.

In this program you will learn how to utilize your passions in a way that ignites your successes.  Living with passion accelerates your results, keeps you focused on your goals and gives you a greater sense of purpose.  But it takes effort.  This program will show you how to bring more passion into everything that you do so you can have more of what you truly want.

More passion = greater success.

Like Oprah said, ‘Passion is energy.  Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.’

Choose passion!

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Mission of 3C Fusion

The mission of 3C FUSION is to help YOU

turn your VISION into your FOOTPRINT

Thought Leaders, Speakers, Entrepreneurs, Corporate Executives and Online Trainers from around the globe seek Josie’s mentorship to become known Experts while create sustainable, meaningful success supported by a life they love.  She helps those wanting the bountiful abundance that comes with being an Expert. And has a particular fondness for adults of successful parents wanting to make their own mark on the world.

Josie Tytus is a Two-Time Best Selling Author, Success Alignment™ Expert, Speaker, Certified Professional Coach, Passion Test Facilitator and NLP Master Practitioner.  Based in Ontario and Florida, Josie works from wherever her laptop will go.

About Josie Tytus

Josie Tytus is the founder of 3C FUSION, an organization dedicated to developing Experts and Influencers interested in making their living by making their mark on the world.

Josie spent a lifetime pursuing passion and seeking purpose.  With a core belief that everyone has something unique to do with his or her time on the planet, she understands the difficulty in recognizing it in yourself and what it takes to turn it into your life’s work.

After being raised in an Entrepreneurial home, Josie ventured into Corporate Management where she spent 25 years learning various business models and leadership styles from large conglomerates to independently run private operations in the Retail, Publishing, Entertainment and Conference sectors.  

Fuelled by the desire to live with passion, freedom, wealth and making an impact, Josie offers programs and systems to ignite Self Leadership and Success Achievement at the highest levels.

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